The BROs

By hiring BROs the holder receives daily rewards which are paid out in $BRO tokens. $BRO rewards are distributed to all holders every 12 hours and the BROs can be hired only through our website/dapp www.brotocol.org​
BROs are available in 4 tiers.
Hiring cost of each BRO:
  • Lara Broft - 100 $BRO (Max 10)
  • Bro Hard - 500 $BRO (Max 10)
  • Bro Lee - 1000 $BRO (Max 5)
  • The Broker - 2500 $BRO (Max 5)
Rewards of each hired BRO (every 12 hours)
  • Lara Broft - 0.75 BRO ( 24H: 1.5 BRO) 1.5% DPR
  • Bro Hard- 5 BRO ( 24H: 10 BRO) 2% DPR
  • Bro Lee - 12.5 BRO (24H: 25 BRO) 2.5% DPR
  • The Broker - 50 BRO ( 24H: 100 BRO) 4% DPR

Meet The Bros

  • Lara Broft is a well known mercenary treasure-hunter who can do crazy stuff with her ponytail, legs and guns. Lara is from a family of financial tycoons and explorers so don't be fooled by her looks because Lara will kick your ass.
    • Likes exploring the world ultimately leading to crazy expeditions.
    • Favorite Weapon: Handguns
  • Bro Hard (aka Detective Lieutenant John Broclane), is the guy who often foils major criminal plots threatening hundreds of innocent civilians. In his younger days, Broclane worked in the Wall Street Financial District and knows a thing or two about the cunning schemes of the government.
    • Likes to fill buildings with C4 and blow them up.
    • Favorite Weapon: Dual Heckler & Koch PK98
  • Bro Lee the martial arts master is here to kick some ass. "Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup." - Bro Lee
  • Likes to deflect bullets with his nunchuck and punches.
  • Favorite Weapon: Nun-chucks
  • The Broker feared by some, loved by others. King of the crime of Brotham City, if you are not laughting with him you better run. As a former employee of Silverman Sachs investment bank, The Broker understands the cycle of money and knows how to create wealth.
    • Likes an extravagant lifestyle, robbing banks and kicking ass.
    • Favorite Weapon: Dual Semi auto pistols