Fancy partaking in the loot?

The corrupt government have hidden stacks of money in a vault located at remote part of the country. It's their plan to embezzle these funds for personal gain at the cost of the innocent citizens.
The expertise of the BROs have lead them to discover this vault and its their aim to blow it up to share the loot with citizens.
In order to destroy the vault a specialized weapon known as the BROMB is required. The last person to contribute to the BROMB after the timer elapses wins part of the loot.

How to Play?

The timer will be deployed with an hour countdown, and players will have the choice to delay its explosion.
Whenever the BROMB explodes the last player to place the BROMB will win the BROPOT!!
  • Players can buy a BROMB for 250 $BRO and use it whenever they desire on the vault. This will will add 10 minutes to the timer.
  • Each player can have a max of 10 BROMB charges.
  • When the BROMB explodes the time charges will be reset.
  • The timer for the BROMB has a 24 hour limit.