Official Brotocol Page


Times have been tough for everyone worldwide. Pandemics, endless wars, rampant unemployment and failure of the government to sustain the economy has torn apart most cities and created a financial black hole.
With global inflation and energy bills soaring, many families struggle to make ends meet. Gracefully, a group of financial veterans have taken it upon themselves to mitigate these crisis. Together, they are known as the BROs.
The BROs are Heroes that have turned into mercenaries for hire and their mission is to battle the dubious government alleviating the financial stress on citizens. The BROs serve as a glimmer of hope for the people.
Hire a BRO, be rewarded for their services and partake in their loot as they go on their endless adventures to execute operation Brotocol.

About Brotocol

Brotocol is a play-to-earn (P2E) jackpot game and a deFi yield-farming protocol designed to produce dopamine rush in addition to a consistent stream of income. The Brotocol yield-farming simply involves hiring a BRO (purchasing the $BRO token) to receive rewards in the form of interest.
The mercenaries of the $BRO token are assets that can be bought for long term passive income. After hiring a BRO, your investment is burned permanently nonetheless, you receive regular rewards for the category of BRO mercenaries to choose.
Each $BRO hired distributes rewards to holders every 12 hours.